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We equip YOU the parent on how to BE the Confident and Purposeful parent that your children need


-Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol Chakua is a mom, psychotherapist and parenting coach who is passionate about parenting, emotional wellness and quality education. Her work focuses on equipping and empowering those with the responsibility of taking care of children – parents, teachers and other caregivers. Through training, counselling and coaching, she provides caregivers going through different stages and phases of their parenting journey with a safe space to work through their unique situations so that they can parent with wholeness, purpose and confidence.

Dr. Carol holds a PhD in Medical Education with a specialization in Counselling Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She is a certified Psychologist as well as a Certified Trainer of Trainers in Skillful Parenting. She has worked in numerous educational and mental health institutions both in Kenya and in the US for over 15 years.

Having worked with children and families over the years, Dr. Carol has experienced 90% of her clients as having a parent-related concern – whether as parents or as recipients of parenting interactions. This has inspired her passion to work with parents, because she believes that the wellness of individuals and the society depends on wholesome parenting.


BEing Parenting is an experiential parenting program that focuses on YOU, the parent.


We equip YOU, the parent to BE the Confident and Purposeful parent that your children need


Our Interactive step by step sessions guide you on how to identify the obstacles that get in the way of confident parenting


We believe YOU can parent with confidence and authority out of your own uniqueness – from a place of BEING rather than from a list of Do’s and Don’ts


BEing parenting prepares you to grow through the different stages, phases, spaces and faces of your parenting journey so that you can parent with confidence, purpose and authority


BE the Confident and Purposeful parent?

Who is BEing Parenting for?

  • If you have children in your circle of influence, whether by birth, adoption or any other circumstance that brings the child into your space.
  • If you care for children.
  • If you care about children.
  • If you are a mentor, a teacher or a caregiver to children.
  • If you are a grandparent.
  • If you are an auntie or uncle.
  • If you aspire to take up any of these roles in the future.