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christmas drawing for kids

The season of joy and merriment is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than indulging in Christmas drawing activities for kids? Unleash the artistic talents of your little ones with a myriad of creative and exciting drawing ideas. Let’s delve into a vibrant world of festive artistry and discover the wonders of Christmas drawing for kids.

The holiday season brings with it a wave of cheer and excitement, especially for young ones eager to explore their creative side. Engaging kids in Christmas-themed drawing activities not only fosters their artistic skills but also cultivates a sense of joy and accomplishment. This comprehensive guide is brimming with diverse Christmas drawing ideas, techniques, and tips to make this festive season a truly magical and artistic journey for your children.

Unwrapping the Creative Palette

Christmas Drawing for Kids: Sketching Santa Claus Embark on an artistic adventure by sketching the iconic figure of Christmas – Santa Claus! Let kids bring Santa to life on paper, guiding them through simple steps to draw his rosy cheeks, hearty laughter, and iconic red suit. Encourage them to add vibrant colors to infuse life into this beloved character.

Drawing Snowflakes: Crafting Winter’s Elegance Capture the elegance of winter by drawing intricate snowflakes. Dive into the mesmerizing world of geometric shapes and patterns. Each snowflake offers an opportunity to experiment with designs, ensuring each creation is unique, just like the real ones!

Christmas Trees Galore: Designing Nature’s Festive Symbol Let imagination take root and draw Christmas trees in various shapes and sizes. Explore different techniques to sketch the tree’s structure, adorn it with ornaments, and play with colors to evoke the festive spirit.

Jolly Reindeer: Illustrating Santa’s Faithful Companions Guide kids through drawing Santa’s trusty reindeer. From antlers to hooves, let their imagination take flight as they craft these loyal companions pulling Santa’s sleigh through the starry skies.

Gingerbread Delights: Drawing Festive Treats Encourage kids to draw mouthwatering gingerbread houses or cookies. From swirls of icing to candy decorations, these delicious treats are a delight to create and color.

Festive Stockings: Illustrating Joyful Surprises Drawing stockings brimming with gifts can be an exciting activity. Let kids personalize each stocking with unique designs, filling them with artistic renditions of their favorite gifts.

Nurturing Artistic Flair

Embracing Creativity: Encouraging Originality

While guiding kids, emphasize the importance of originality. Encourage them to add their unique twists to each drawing, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Techniques for Young Artists: Exploring Various Mediums

Introduce kids to different drawing mediums like colored pencils, crayons, markers, and watercolors. Allow them to experiment and discover their preferred medium for creating stunning Christmas artwork.

step-by-step drawing a Christmas tree:

Step 1: Draw a Triangle

Start by drawing an upside-down triangle on your paper. This will be the outline of the Christmas tree.

Step 2: Add the Tree Branches

Draw several smaller triangles or zig-zag lines along the edges of the big triangle to represent the branches of the tree. These don’t have to be perfect, just make them different sizes and shapes.

Step 3: Draw a Trunk

At the bottom of the tree, draw a rectangle or two diagonal lines connected at the bottom to create the trunk of the tree.

Step 4: Decorate the Tree

Add decorations to your tree! Draw circles, stars, or any other shapes to represent ornaments. You can also add small lines or dots to represent lights.

Step 5: Add a Star or a Topper

At the top of the tree, draw a star or any other decoration you’d like to place as the tree topper. It could be a star, a bow, or even a snowflake.

Step 6: Draw a Base

Finally, draw a wavy line or a simple curve under the tree to create the ground or base on which the tree stands.

Embracing Creativity Through Christmas Drawing

Encouraging Free Expression

One of the joys of Christmas drawing for kids is the freedom it offers for self-expression. Encourage children to let their imaginations run wild, allowing them to create their own unique interpretations of the holiday season.

Personalized Greeting Cards and Gifts

Guide kids in crafting personalized Christmas cards or gifts through their drawings. These heartfelt creations carry a special touch and warm the hearts of those who receive them. From hand-drawn cards for relatives to custom-decorated gift wraps, these artworks add an extra layer of sentiment to the holiday festivities.

Exploring Cultural Diversity in Christmas Drawings

Introducing Cultural Traditions

Encourage children to explore and depict diverse cultural traditions associated with Christmas around the world. From different ways of celebrating the holiday to unique customs and symbols, these explorations can broaden their understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Art Reflecting Multicultural Celebrations

Invite kids to create artworks representing various multicultural celebrations during the holiday season. Whether it’s illustrating different holiday symbols or depicting festivities from different cultures, these drawings can celebrate the richness of diversity.

Connecting Art and Learning

Integrating Education with Art

Christmas drawing activities can be integrated with educational elements. Incorporate learning about shapes, colors, symmetry, and even historical aspects of Christmas into the drawing sessions, making them both fun and educational.

Encouraging Storytelling Through Art

Encourage kids to create drawings that tell a story related to Christmas. It could be a retelling of a classic Christmas tale or an original story inspired by the holiday spirit. This activity not only encourages creativity but also enhances storytelling skills.


The beauty of Christmas drawing lies not just in the final artwork but in the process—where creativity flourishes and bonds are strengthened. Encourage your child to embrace the joy of creation, explore diverse techniques, and celebrate their unique artistic journey this festive season.

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Q. How can I help my child improve their drawing skills during the holiday season?

A. Providing consistent practice sessions and exposing them to various drawing techniques can significantly enhance their skills. Encouraging experimentation and praising their efforts also boost their confidence.

Q. What are some easy Christmas drawing ideas for beginners?

A. Beginners can start with drawing basic elements like a Christmas tree, snowman, or ornaments. Simple tutorials focusing on step-by-step instructions for these subjects can help them get started.

Q. Are there online tutorials available for Christmas-themed drawings?

A. Yes, numerous online platforms offer tutorials catering specifically to Christmas drawing ideas. Websites, video-sharing platforms, and art communities are rich sources for such tutorials.

Q. Which art supplies are best suited for kids’ Christmas drawings?

A. Non-toxic supplies such as colored pencils, washable markers, crayons, and watercolor sets are excellent choices for kids. Ensure the materials are age-appropriate and safe.

Q. How do I encourage my child to practice drawing regularly?

A. Encouragement and positive reinforcement play a crucial role. Establish a routine for drawing sessions, praise their efforts, and create a supportive environment that fosters their passion for art.

Q. Can Christmas drawing activities promote bonding among family members?

A. Absolutely. Collaborating on art projects, sharing creative ideas, and enjoying the process together strengthen familial bonds and create lasting memories.

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