Kids Lunch Box Recipes: Delicious and Nutritious

In this article, we will tell you about Kids Lunch Box Recipes. Looking for creative kid’s lunch box recipes? Discover a variety of delicious and nutritious options in this comprehensive guide. From sandwiches to snacks, we’ve got you covered. Ensuring your child’s lunch box is both appealing and nutritious can be a daily challenge.

I do not pack anything that has been prepared with egg or meat, since the food is stored for several hours before consumption. eggs and meat are supposed to be eaten within 2 hours of preparing. I personally do not prefer pasta and noodles in kids lunch box.

The Importance of a Balanced Lunch Box

Providing a well-balanced lunch is crucial for your child’s growth and development. It ensures they have the energy and nutrients needed to stay focused and active in school.

Nutritional Guidelines for Kids Lunch Box recipes

Before we dive into the recipes, let’s understand the key elements of a balanced lunch box:

  • Fruits and Vegetables: Incorporate colorful fruits and veggies to provide essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Protein: Include lean proteins like chicken, turkey, or beans to support muscle growth.
  • Grains: Opt for whole grains like whole wheat bread or brown rice for sustained energy.
  • Dairy: Add dairy products such as yogurt or cheese for calcium and probiotics.

Why You’ll Love These School Lunch Ideas

  • Healthy, wholesome, colorful, and attractive fun lunches.
  • Packed in Bento-style lunchboxes.
  • Balanced lunches with protein, grains, vegetables, fruits & sometimes treats.
  • Great for preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school-aged kids.
  • Make-ahead tips & tricks.
  • Great for hot lunches at home.
  • It can be made to allergy-friendly recipes – Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, or Dairy-Free.
  • Tips For Packing School Lunches

    I am sharing a few helpful tips and tricks for packing school lunches and snacks.

    • Plan your lunchbox in advance:  Take time on the weekends or the previous night to decide what you’ll serve in the days ahead. You can also make handy printables. You can prep the night before as much as possible to ease your stressful mornings. For example, – make the dosa batter, chapati dough, filling for paratha, sandwich, cool completely and refrigerate. You can also chop some veggies, fruits and store them in the fridge.
    • Get your kids involved in lunchbox planning – It is an inspiring way for them to learn and try new foods. You can also ask them to help chop the fruits and veggies, skewer the fruits on toothpicks, make the sandwich, or pack the food in the lunchbox.
    • Bento Box – I love using bento-style stainless steel lunchboxes with compartments as it allows me to pack a variety of foods like main lunch meal, snacks like fruits, veggies, sweet treats, and sides like sauce, and dips.
    • Thermos: You can pack hot soups and pasta in a thermos to keep the food warm and retain its consistency on a chilly or rainy day.
    • Water: Always filtered water, but occasionally I send fresh homemade juice like orange or strawberry.
    • Balanced Meal: Pack a well-balanced meal with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed foods, carbs, protein, and dairy. Consider the below nutrient-dense foods.
  1. Fruits: Always try to pack fresh, colorful, organic seasonal fruits for your child.
  2. Vegetables: Try to include a variety of fresh, low-sodium frozen vegetables, including colored, dark green leafy greens.
  3. Whole Grains: Choose whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread, quinoa, rice, whole-wheat pasta, and millet.
  4. Protein: Choose paneer (cottage cheese), greek yogurt, tofu, lentils, beans, peas, unsalted nuts, and seeds.
  5. Dairy: Try to include dairy products, such as milk, plain yogurt, and cheese.

Packing ideas for Kids Lunch Box Recipes

Packing a lunch box can be really fun if you get the hang of it. In some schools, they offer lunch at school. But I like to pack my own lunch for my kids. Even though there are tons of ideas all over the internet. I like to keep it simple and pack only food that my kids enjoy eating.

  • Never experiment – Even though you can be creative to some extent. but I don’t like to try any new food items which they haven’t tried before. Because there are chances that kids won’t prefer to eat them.
  • Keep it Vegetarian – I like to add egg in my kid’s lunch box. But I never pack poultry or non-vegetarian items. Since it can cause food poisoning or bad odor when unboxing the lunch box.
  • Always taste what you are packing. Make sure the meals are properly seasoned and in the correct consistency.
  • Pack a well-balanced meal.

How to pack a kids lunch box

  • Always prepare your meals right before packing. Even though you can do a little meal prep if you don’t have much time.
  • Make sure you use sustainable containers for packing. I prefer a stainless steel lunch box.
  • Make sure the food is at its optimum freshness when packing.
  • The meals should be balanced with fruits, vegetables, carbs, protein and nutrition.
  • You can pack pasta or soups in a thermos to retain their consistency and to make sure the food stays warm.
  • Make sure the water is boiled and cooled or use proper filtered water.
  • Foods that can melt or changes its consistency can be avoided.


Now we know about kids lunch box recipes. Creating delicious and nutritious lunch boxes for your kids doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these creative ideas and a bit of planning, you can ensure your children get the nutrients they need while enjoying their meals. Remember to stay flexible and adapt recipes to your child’s preferences.

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Buy These School Stuff

I use stainless steel containers for packing food for my kids. Sometimes for picture’s sake, I will be using plastic containers too. Here are the links of the lunch box which I use for my kids.

Lunch bag:
Water bottle:



A. Lunch Box Recipes is a collection of main course & side dish ideas that are nutritious & delicious and at the same time quick and easy to cook for moms for school and work.


Roti & Dal, Idli Toast and Fried rice are my 3 easy and tasty options. I prefer Carrot rice, Veg/Paneer Pulao and Phulka with Gobi Sabzi are my tasty and healthy options.


A. Handsdown steel lunchboxes are the best according to me. I have used plastic tiffin boxes just for photo sake to make it look more colorful and appealing but I always use traditional steel dabbas for packing for kids. I feel even a small strip gf plastic in lunchboxes is not safe – as plastic and heat is a big no and also in the morning hurry burry attimes we are forced to pack food hot so it is always safe to use steel.


A. Many keep asking about the details about the lunchbox and snackbox that I use for my kids(check shorts videos) so sharing the details. Right from the beginning of packing lunchbox one thing that I was very particular was to use only fully steel traditional dabbas a big no to colors / plastic / glass.


A. When packing tiffin items for lunch box, it becomes dry – So make variations such that it could consumed without getting a dry feeling. For example, instead of plain idlies make it as Sambar Idli, instead of dosa make it as podi & onion othappam, instead of roti make it as ghee / butter roti or cook it ¾th of the usual time so that roti remains soft.
When packing rice meal, pack rice and gravy separately so that when rice & gravy is mixed, it gives a fresh feeling. If you have no option but to pack it together use excess of gravy so that rice does not become rice cakes for lunch

Q: What are some creative ways to present these lunch boxes?

A: You can use bento boxes, silicone cupcake liners, and cookie cutters to create visually appealing lunches.

Q: How can I make sure the food stays fresh until lunchtime?

A: Invest in insulated lunch boxes and ice packs to maintain the temperature of perishable items.

Q: What beverages should I include with these lunch boxes?

A: Water, milk, or 100% fruit juice are excellent choices to keep your child hydrated.

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